The Missing Piece... "NUTRITION"

"You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet".....No matter how hard you try it is impossible to achieve your fitness and health goals with poor nutrition. We have combined Living Fit Meals with our Transformation Program and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.  If you are seeking the absolute best then this is the missing piece that so many Fitness Companies do not offer and that's Nutritional Guidance.  We even took it a step future and even made the food for you(Smile).  
We have the complete package to achieve phenomenal results Now! 

Are You...
-Tired of Cooking?
-Not Sure of Portion Sizes?
-Not Sure of What To Eat?
-Gaining Weight?
-Don't Like the Taste or Thought of Diet Food?
-Confused About All This Food Talk?
-Don't Understand all This Talk About Macros?
-Need Help Now?

Did You Answer Yes to Any of The Questions Above?

If So, The Solution is "Living Fit Meals" inspired my Mrs "V"..

Over 500 pounds of Proven and Documented FAT LOSS Results as Expressed by these 10 Clients using our Proven Fat Loss & Lean Up System!

“Now You Can Join Pensacola #UFRNATION in Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle, Melting Inches Off Stubborn Fat Areas, And Getting More Fit Than EVER With Fast Paced 1 Hour Workouts that burn up to 1000 calories!”  

The #UFRNATION 21 Day 

Jump Start Includes:

o 21 Days Unlimited fat-burning, body sculpting, metabolic boosting workouts. 

o Bring 1 New Guest Every Saturday of your Challenge.

Copy of our Success Manual for nutrition guidelines, mindset and accountability.

New Client orientation and Nutritional Seminar.

Pre and Post measurements to document your results.

o Peer support, motivation, and accountability

Dear Friend:

I am SO EXCITED to share this program with you!

We can help "You" if your weight has brought on pain, depression, shame, low self-esteem, and embarrassment.  If you look in the mirror and the image you see is not pleasing, we can help.

Just imagine how you'll feel when the pants you're wearing right now get so big that you can't wear them any more. Imagine how good you will feel when you are being complimented by your family, friends and co-workers.

My name is Ira Wenze, Retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer, and "Transformation Expert"  and it’s my mission in life to educate and motivate ordinary people like you to achieve extraordinary health and fitness results.  Our programs are group-based exercises designed to burn fat, tone muscle, increase energy, and quickly get you into shape.  We use a variety of resistance, body-weight, metabolic and cardio based movements that I learned from over 23 years of military physical training to burn body-fat and increase lean muscle.  Just like the military, we use group dynamics to motivate and inspire you to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals.  However, we DO NOT use verbal abuse or intimidation factors to push you past your physical limits.  Positive encouragement and team spirit will motivate you to challenge your limits and achieve new levels of fitness and health.

And, if it’s all right with you, I’d also like to help you sculpt a tight and toned/beautiful and sexy/rock hard and chiseled body. ;-)

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  Unlimited Fitness Results …

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