What is Unlimited Fitness Results Boot Camp?
Group-based exercise programs designed to burn fat, tone muscle, and quickly whip you into shape. A variety of calisthenics, resistance training, and cardio exercises that melt fat off your body and strengthens muscles. Just like the military, we use group dynamics to motivate and inspire you to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals. However, we DO NOT use verbal abuse or intimidation factors to push you past your physical limits. Positive encouragement and team spirit will motivate you to challenge your limits and achieve new levels of fitness and health.
I have never worked out before and/or I have injuries and/or I am extremely overweight. Can I still join?
Unlimited Fitness Results specializes in providing challenging workouts for people at any level and at the same time. A 50-year-old with joint dysfunction can work side by side with a 20-year-old athlete in the same group and both will be challenged at their own fitness level. Our members are expected to give 110% at their given fitness level. In each session we show progressions and regressions for each exercise to allow for these different levels to operate to their maximum potential in the same environment.
How soon will I see results?
Your results will vary on your commitment to your nutrition program; 80-90% of your success will be determined by your nutrition. Clients can feel great results in as short as 1 week and see visual changes in a few weeks. In order to see maximal results, you will need to adhere to your nutritional program and attend all workouts.
Is there a nutrition program involved?
Yes, the number one most important component of any weight loss program is nutrition. “You Can Not Out Train A Bad Diet’ is our favorite phrase. Program. You will be provided with some basic nutrition information upon joining to get you started. Our nutrition program is delivered through out online website at an additional fee. Clients who do not adhere to the Nutritional Component of our program will not see the results they want.
How long does our program run?
Our program operates continuously, however, we ask all clients to train no more than 4 days a week followed by at least 3 days recovery period.
Isn’t cardio better for fat burning?
Cardio can be an important part of a fat loss program. Without the components of Nutrition and High Intensity Strength Training you will not build lean muscle or increase your metabolism. Our goal for each client is to turn your body into a fat burning machine. Our clients see rapid results in as little as 3 boot camp sessions per week while following our tried and proven nutrition program. We provide every client with a metabolic boosting cardio program.
In the Sessions will I get enough individual attention?
Yes, you will get all the motivation, guidance, instruction and support that you need. Every session has time at the end to handle individual Q & A. We are ALWAYS here to answer any questions or concerns about anything relating to our clients training, nutrition, or supplementation. Most one-on-one personal training sessions consist of the trainer and client just spending most of the time talking about their personal lives and the trainer wastes even more time counting repetitions. We will not waste your time.
Will I experience muscle soreness?
Yes, the initial phase of adding High Intensity Strength Training into your exercise program will cause some muscle soreness. Our Trainers will demonstrate, in thorough explanation, the proper warm-up and cool down methods that include self-massage and corrective stretching strategies. These strategies are to be performed before and after every session that will help your body recover from these intense workouts. Each session takes our clients out of their past exercise “comfort zone” which will lead to increased muscle soreness.
How long is each session?
Our sessions are 1 hour in length led by Certified and Insured Fitness Coaches. Each session has a warm-up, workout and cool down component.
How do we burn away unwanted body fat?
Our training style is not copied from the latest fitness DVD, fitness info commercial or magazine. We train our clients based off what we see in front of us. Team members that are in good shape will be motivated to work harder. New clients will be motivated to work at a pace they feel comfortable with initially. We will assist you in lifting weights, training your core, stretching, boxing, kicking, and working your cardiovascular system like never before.
Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Get sick less often and substantially reduce your risk for heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. We will provide some nutritional guidelines to assist you in eating healthy, losing weight and becoming healthy again. Many of our current clients have reported discontinued use of blood pressure and cholesterol medications by their Physicians.
Never Get Bored with Your Routine!
Our workouts are not scripted therefore you will never do the same exercises that plague many group-based programs. I repeat, “We have NEVER done the same workout”! Our Boot Camp sessions are challenging yet very rewarding once complete. Variety stimulates fat loss and muscle growth and eliminates training plateaus. If you are tired of the same boring routine and cardio equipment, come try us!

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